Writing and Generating Multisyllabic Rhymes with Lazyjot


In this blog post I'm going to introduce to you the world of multisyllabic rhymes and how Lazyjot can help you to write and figure them out.

What is a Multisyllabic Rhyme?

One of the core rhyming patterns in modern hiphop and rap lyrics is where the words that you rhyme do not have the same ending, but they do share a vowel sound. For example, rhyming faith with state. When you chain the same vowel sound in a row, you get what's referred to as multisyllabic rhymes. A more comprehensive example of that would be in Eminem's Lose Yourself, where he so infamously wrote:

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There's vomit on his sweater already: Mom's spaghetti

Here, we have the same vowels used in arms are heavy as well as Mom's spaghetti, even though the phrases do not share the same ending.

Using Lazyjot to generate and find multisyllabic rhymes

We can use Lazyjot to help us generate and find these kind of multisyllabic rhymes.

With state-of-the-art technology we can simply write the word we want to find multisyllabic rhymes for, and Lazyjot will generate them for us.

Here's a video show-casing how it can be used, given that you first have written the initial lines written just in the section above. :-)

Here, we find a couple of multisyllabic rhymes for the Mom's Spaghetti part, and decide to write down commentary. Likewise, we do the same for the knees weak part, and find the multisyllabic rhyme between. From there, we already have an excellent way to end our next line with which sound remarkably good coupled with the previous lines. From here, we can continue piecing together more syllables, but I'd say the easiest is to lean back and figure out a way which makes sense given those two words.