Lyrical Breakdown of The Projects - A Journey through Words and Rhymes

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Peace God Peace to the Gods How you God? Studyin' one-twenty right now Call me back at the God hour The fuck? It's just the new way of thinkin' Light up the broccoli kid Throw the relish in my back pocket Keep your eyes open Push your seat back, just flow That's how we doin' it Bound by honest sword, take over the set Rap from here to Que-bec Throw up the tech, crash your intellect select a vet Swimsuit mammal handle, yo, every fly vandal go to project Slam you like Hamill's wife 'fore the scandal Wally sandal just a sample, my niggaz fertilize thoughts Yo, mad support drink a quart then bamboo When nasty can blew, my pen sterile won't perform If I'm not lampable Askin' my man'll get you slapped down, play the anthem Lit it who wit' it champagne get it, that's the ticket Solid nines soundin' like crickets snatchin' worker shipment Pull the air, long dick it, we talk right before we left lifted Just like a long sleeve, guess who rip it? Projects My niggaz survive, just like a movin' target Projects Where niggaz live and some sell garbage that's Projects Try to escape the flyin' shells dodgin' New York projects I'm livin' large, yo, stop miragin' Sign of the times, conspiracy to overthrow the mind Behind every fortune there's a crime, this technique is tech-9 Blast at any Close Encounter of the Third Kind This be the evil that man do, we dismantle, any adversary Them niggaz all thumbs and can't handle, my flurry Hear me, you jam all you want to scare me Don't even kid me, shit in my coke aimin' at cha kidney Pressure, Red Hot like Chili Pepper Black 'n Decker, hardware avoid the leper Five o'clock shadowboxer, hold down the sector Bet ya bottom dollar lecture, be hard to swallow Double oh, seven mark The secret agent that Maxwell and Get Smart Through entertainment Welcome to The Killin Fields, with Johnny Dangerous Headbanger boogie niggaz goin' through changes Projects My niggaz survive, just like a movin' target Projects Where niggaz live and some sell garbage that's Projects Try to escape the flyin shells dodgin Projects I'm livin' large, yo, stop miragin' Suck my dick, it's the kid with the fat knob I bust all into ya face, plus it come in globs Quick get on your knees, with yo' sweet pussy let it breathe Two fingers is all in your hole, think I can fit three Your pink lips, spread it in shit, let me throw my dick in Grab my shit and place it gently on your clit Ping-pong pussy, wide world of wombs titty saggin' Stomach on some scriveled up prune shit Too much air in your pussy you screamin', that it's Talkin' to you daddy, fart's breathin' out Your lips splashin' my dick badly Use vinegar, to try to tighten up your ginger All-mighty dick, ran in with a cape, some call him engine Lightning rod bob, black candy cane attached to God Thick like a great adventure cigar in your garage Pregnant pussy have you fall out like Remi on the house Watch the teeth for slobbin' my shit You bit it on the couch, dry pussy leave the friction burns Plus beef I hone, the condom broke Bitch, you got AIDS, I'm shakin' in my bones