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Ah yeah, right about now Compton's in the motherfuckin' house yeah do it, do it, do it N.W.A is in full effect Ayo, Yella boy, kick me that funky-ass beat right here Kick that shit in Yeah, yeah Pump it up, pump it up Who's in the motherfuckin' house right now? Who's in the house? (Compton's in the motherfuckin' house) Pump that shit up, c'mon Yeah, yeah, yeah, Compton's definitely in the motherfuckin' house Ayo Ren, what we gon' do? To the people over here To the people over there To the people, the people, the people, people, the people, the people, people From everywhere watching the show Paying top dollars because they know When we're on the stage, we're in a muthafuckin' rage So Dre What up? Why don't you get the 12 gauge Yeah And show 'em how Eazy-Duz-It So if you punks wanna make somethin' of it Step up, run up, get up, what's up, suckers? You want some of this? Then you're a stupid motherfucker Kickin', like the kick from a kickdrum Yella boy on the drum gettin' dumb Programmin', a beat that's hittin' And if you listen then you know we're not bullshittin' Dope, like a pound or a key (yeah) So shut the fuck up and listen to me I make a killin' I got money to the ceilin' (why's that?) 'Cause I'm a motherfuckin' ruthless villain MC Ren, stomping any fool in my way With some help from my homeboy Dre Now my name is Dre the muthafuckin' doctor Rippin' shit up, oh yeah, and here to rock ya With some help from my homeboy E The criminal of the Ruthless posse Fuckin' it up, (word up), is what we do The reputation of the NWA crew Gettin' busy because we're cold stompin' And we're born and raised And we're born and raised And we're born and raised in Compton Speaking of Compton, it's making me sick (why?) Everybody's talking that crazy shit Saying they were raised in the CPT (uh-huh) Just as I was, they try to be like me Poppin' that shit, get the fuck out my face Knowin' that they never even seen the place Claiming my city, it's my city they claim Motherfucker, we're about to put some salt in your game Yeah, I'm tired of these muthafuckas running around town Talking about they're from Compton and shit Trying to get on the bandwagon Yeah Dre, I know what you're saying, man But let's tell them who we're talking about, on the one What do you call a crew that can rap like that? Yo, N.W.A call them mothafuckers wack Yeah, you know what time it is, listen to why we call them wack They got a wacky wack record with a wacky wack crew Yo, what about the lyrics? That shit's wacky wack too With a fucked up style and a fucked up show Ayo Ren, what about the scratching, is it def? Fuck no The motherfuckin' record is so muthafuckin' wack The motherfuckin' Cracker Jack needs to step the fuck back (back) Do you want some of this? ("Hell no, he replied") Dre, the muthafuckin' doctor Well, for the record, it's Ren, and for the street, it's Villain Dre, the muthafuckin' doctor Well, for the record, it's Ren, and for the street, it's Villain Yella boy, why don't you kick me one of them funky-ass beats? My boy, my boy, my boy Ice Cube Yo, we got my homeboy Eazy-E in the house Won't you tell 'em what your name is? MC Ren is the muthafucking coroner (yeah) I'm getting rid of muthafuckas as if they was a foreigner Show no grief to pretend when I sin I punch you can block it but I'ma still get in This ain't a TKO in the first But it's some shit from a nigga in black and much worse Than a beating from Tyson 'cause Ren is not nice and Your ass is better off just rolling a dice and Finding you a number for luck 'Cause you will need it when you see I don't give a fuck My identity, and the shit is getting shown Without a video I'm still getting known (yeah) I'm at a show then my picture is taken One click of the flash and punk niggas are breakin' To the door, tryin' to join my fan club Lip-syncin' over one of my dubs An instrumental will scratch for the moment Until I fuck up the so called opponent That's standing in the zone of the twilight Saying, "How in the fuck did he get mixed up in my fight?" It wasn't a mistake, it was a set-up So until I'm finished pumpin' my lyrics, you should shut up And don't attempt to speak Because it's bad enough you're rollin' up shit creek With a nigga like Ren about the hit Now let me hear you muthafuckas talk some more shit Or I'ma, bust your ass in your mouth Yo, unless you're saying, "Compton's in the house" Who really cares, about a sucker on a take off Bust a move, we can have a shake and bake-off Me and you can go 'cause I don't care Yo, rap fight or guerrilla warfare We can rumble, 'cause when my lungs go in and out I kick rhymes in a bundle to win a bout Or scurry or scuffle I just muffle the opposition, there's no competition Let them know that Dre is getting stronger Compton's in the house but now it's some' longer I won't get set-up, shut up, I'm kinda fed up You can say uncle and I still won't let up 'Cause Dre is the muthafuckin' doctor And if me and Ren's on the mic, it's like propaganda no doubt Boy, you should've known by now ("Compton's in the house") Yeah, it's time to put Compton on the map So don't ever think you can get it none, you stupid motherfuckers ("Compton-comp-comp-comp-Compton's in the house") ("Compton-comp-comp-comp-Compton") ("Comp-comp-comp-comp-Compton") ("Comp-comp-comp-comp-Compton's in the house") ("Compton-comp-comp-comp-Compton") ("Comp-comp-comp-comp-Compton") ("Comp-comp-comp-comp-Compton's in the house")