Lyrical Breakdown of Inside - A Journey through Words and Rhymes

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Yeah, man, you know what I'm saying? Already You're crazy for this one! Fresh out the belly of the island into the heart of the city T and them just hit the road, I had Sage and Nak and 'em with me I thought the fauna was pretty, so I approached her(I did) My first apartment was really covered with roaches 'Cause niggas was really smoking Gotta say that, as of late, I been busy with business, mostly Got a tape? Catch a wave, now you in the industry ocean Missing out on your boat I been figuring out my own fish, home gets distant We working I'm on the road again Cold and the spirits is bursting up out the Trojan, man Fridge full of spirits in the crib Mirror, mirror, let me hear why the niggas that's the peers see and hear us Then mimic the fucking motions, man Keep the circle closed, let them niggas front in the cul-de-sacs Friendly with the chosen, the rest is getting the poker hand Face-drinking smoker, it help me duck when emotion jab Fame is the culprit who give me drugs without owing cash Sipping 'til I melt Devil trying me, I'm dodging Falling victim to myself, middle finger to the help When it's problems, I don't holler, rather fix 'em by myself When it's looking like it's quiet for you, this the shit to yell This the shit right, keep your chin high up 'Cause when she ain't fucking with you then her friend might Let you get up inside, yup, let this shit ride, yup You don't get it rocking like we do on this side, nigga Ayy, ayy I blow a spliff before the ink dries on the paper And lately, I don't like shit, I been inside on the daily, daily