Lyrical Breakdown of Clocks - A Journey through Words and Rhymes

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  • Syllable Pattern Insights: Dive deeper into the structural elements of the lyrics. See how the syllable count varies across the song, adding a unique rhythm and flow to undefined's narrative.

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The lights go out and I can't be saved Tides that I tried to swim against Have brought me down upon my knees Oh, I beg, I beg and plead Singin' come out of things un said Shoot an apple off my head And a trouble that can't be named A tiger's waiting to be tamed, singin' You are You are Confusion that never stops Closing walls and ticking clocks Gonna come back and take you home I could not stop that you now know Singin' come out upon my seas Cursed missed opportunities Am I a part of the cure Or am I part of the disease? Singin' You are You are You are You are You are You are And nothing else compares Oh, no, nothing else compares And nothing else compares You are You are Home, home, where I wanted to go Home, home, where I wanted to go Home, home, where I wanted to go Home, home, where I wanted to go