Lyrical Breakdown of 4 Quarters In The Black (Skit) - A Journey through Words and Rhymes

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You damn right, we doin' good We just had four consecutive quarters in the black You kiddin' me? Hey, wait a minute, where you goin'? Come he– no, no, no, no, no, no, no Come here, co– Before you do, before you do all that, come here Let me, let me talk to him for a minute Y'all know I'm proud of him, right? As a matter of fact Excuse me, excuse me, uh, uh Garçon, yeah, boy I'm talkin' to you Come here, give me one of them things You old enough to drink, ain't ya? Now, you know I got to do this I'd like to make a toast to this young man Come on, give it up, ladies and gentlemen Give it up, come on, hahahahaha Look at him, this is the future This is a guy who literally never ceases to surprise me The decisions he makes Are not necessarily the decisions I would have made Or anybody with some sense But what I can say is, the boy is fearless He's ambitious and he's a honest man He's grown, really Got his lady with him, makin' himself a lil' money, look like We see the success, but what's next? I mean, we're proud But you can't just pack it all up and start all over It works here 'cause you got us The support here is what made ya This boy's a prime example, hmm Of countin' your eggs before they hatch Got a lil' lucky, now he up and ready to take over the whole globe Look at him, the kid's got big, big plans And I hope they all work out, I really do But do you ever really think about how it's s'posed to all work out? Do you have health insurance? A retirement plan? And you need to start savin' money, right? Huh? Uh, and he gon' need a car And you need to pay me that money you owe me And you need a wife And you need Jesus Oh, and you need to be a vegan Don't forget about that veganism, that's that 2019, it's almost 2020 You need to stop doin' that Percy pill (And he gon' need a car)